Priorities for Richmond

Danny believes in Richmond and will work tirelessly to help us reach the healthy, thriving future all Richmonders deserve. We need to support, empower, and respect our longtime residents, our historic neighborhoods, our small businesses, and we need to make sure all voices are heard.

Supporting kids and families—in and out of school

Danny will prioritize funding Richmond Public Schools and wraparound services for kids and families because every child in Richmond deserves the opportunity to succeed. As a parent of five current and former RPS students, the husband of a longtime Chimborazo Elementary teacher, a public health professional, and an engaged community member for over 20 years, he has seen Richmond Public Schools up close. He is committed to doing everything he can as Mayor to ensure our kids have what they need to thrive. As Mayor, he will:

  • Prioritize RPS in the city’s budget
  • Ensure every school has modern infrastructure, top-notch technology, and excellent principals, teachers, and support staff, so every child can succeed
  • Support funding for child care, universal pre-K, and wraparound services for families
  • Expand and improve out-of-school time and career development opportunities for RPS students
  • Maintain continuous, professional, and transparent communication with the Superintendent and the School Board to address shared concerns and meet our kids’ needs
  • Advocate for our kids and families at the General Assembly

An effective and accountable City Hall

Danny will transform City Hall into an effective, responsive and accountable organization that residents can trust. From leading the Richmond and Henrico Health Districts for 12 years, to answering Governor Northam’s call to oversee Virginia’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution effort, to serving as Commissioner of one of the largest agencies in state government, Danny has the executive experience to make City Hall work better for Richmonders. As Mayor, he will:

  • Put residents first by listening to the community—on issues large and small
  • Ensure residents’ day-to-day interactions with city government are easy, efficient, and friendly
  • Assess leadership in every city department to ensure city government is progressive, responsive, and truly delivers for residents
  • Act strategically to transform the culture of City Hall, to create a reliable, responsive and accountable government residents can trust
  • Champion updates to the systems—like finance, HR, and IT—that make the basics of government work more efficiently
  • Build a strong city workforce of capable and committed professionals dedicated to public service in partnership with the city’s collective bargaining units

Reproductive freedom

Danny is deeply committed to health equity, and he has a track record of expanding access to needed medical services to improve the lives of Richmonders. Ensuring access to abortion and comprehensive reproductive healthcare is critical to protect people’s freedom, and to address health disparities that persist in our city. The disproportionate impact that abortion restrictions have on low-income and Black and Brown communities is both a public health issue and an equity and justice issue. Danny knows what it takes to expand access to care and has a track record of bringing our health systems and healthcare providers together to better serve Richmond families. As Mayor, Danny will:

  • Preserve and protect Richmonders’ reproductive freedom—including access to abortion and contraception
  • Continue the city’s support of our safety net providers, including Planned Parenthood
  • Ensure secure access to reproductive and abortion care facilities, both for residents and for women traveling to Richmond for needed service
  • Strengthen support for community health organizations meeting the maternal and child health needs of all families across Richmond
  • Work to address the health disparities facing Black and Brown moms and babies

Thriving neighborhoods

Danny will work to increase the supply of affordable housing, promote public safety, expand public transportation, and invest in climate resiliency in all our neighborhoods. These are complex challenges, but as a 20-year resident of Richmond, Danny understands that affordable, safe, and resilient neighborhoods are crucial for a thriving life. As Mayor, he will:

  • Fight displacement of long-term residents and expand the supply of deeply affordable housing for low-income and working residents
  • Dedicate significant and ongoing resources to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund, the Maggie Walker Community Land Trust, and lead the region to create more housing options — especially long-term affordable units, for every income level
  • Break the cycle of evictions that keeps many families locked in poverty by strengthening protections and resources available for our most vulnerable residents
  • Strengthen the relationship between neighborhoods and the Richmond Police Department to ensure public safety meets community needs and builds trust
  • Invest in comprehensive gun violence prevention to make our streets safer while addressing the root causes of violent crime
  • Support GRTC in expanding and improving frequent and reliable bus service
  • Lead and manage development that is accessible to all residents with strong public amenities, like parks, public transit, and safe streets
  • Make every neighborhood climate resilient and protect our urban environments—including the James River

Inclusive city

Danny believes in a Richmond that is welcoming to all families and all people, regardless of race, income, religion, gender identity, sexuality, language spoken, or country of origin. As Mayor, he will:

  • Push back against any state or federal attempts to reduce protections and rights for LGBTQ+ people, immigrant families, and any other targeted groups in our city
  • Challenge Richmond’s remaining legacies of bigotry and segregation by championing inclusivity and equity in economic development, housing, education, and public works projects
  • Invest in translation and interpretive services to make City Hall meetings and documents more accessible to non-English speakers and other persons with accessibility needs
  • Champion, enact, and enforce inclusive human resources policies within City Hall so that all employees are welcomed, respected, and can fully bring their talents to the city’s programs
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