Making City Hall Work For All: Dr. Avula’s Six-Point Prescription for a More Effective and Responsible City Government

Summary: Dr. Danny Avula’s Prescription for a More Effective and Responsive City Government

Improve the performance, effectiveness, trustworthiness, and accountability of Richmond City government operations. Danny will prioritize the financial responsibilities of a high functioning agency. Danny will regularly attend City Council meetings to update the Council on the city’s progress and answer questions. He will also meet regularly with residents to hear their concerns.

Undertake a comprehensive assessment of leadership and personnel — starting at the top. Danny will not hesitate to make necessary changes and hire top-quality professionals to run City Hall. Moreover, he will be hands-on, engaging directly with department heads regarding key decisions and interacting regularly with all City Hall employees.

Demand transparency in decision-making. Members of Danny’s leadership team will be expected to clearly define and justify the issue at hand, do their research, make timely, researched-based decisions that take public input into account, and communicate those decisions promptly and clearly. Danny will hold himself to these same standards.

Improve the core areas of government: human resources, information and technology, procurement and finance. Implementing technology that effectively meets Richmond’s needs, making sure employees are well-trained, and creating a professional climate and compensation structure will make the city a competitive and positive place to work.

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